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Discovery set – mango + cashew


Set of 2.25 kg Brooks Dried Mangoes + 2.25 kg of Whole Unroasted Cashews

Organic and fair trade

Origin : Burkina Faso

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Whole Unroasted Cashews

To be enjoyed as is, incorporated into your recipes or roasted in the oven to your liking!

You can refrigerate or even frozen to prolong shelf life.

Umano offers you fair trade certified cashew nuts, guaranteeing a fair price paid to the producers of our partner cooperative Coopake, the Kenedougou Agricultural Cooperative. Umano is currently the only Quebec company to directly import fair trade certified cashew nuts in Quebec.

Fairtrade certification requires nut shellers to coat their hands with vegetable oil to prevent burns from the acid in the nut. This technique, combined with preheating followed by 24-hour cooling of the in-shell walnuts, ensures that the acid does not cause damage.

Choose them for your pleasure and the well-being of producers in Burkina Faso!

Brooks Dried Mango

Among the dozens of varieties of mangoes grown worldwide, Brooks from Burkina Faso stands out for its inimitable flavours that express the know-how and unique character of the terroir from the Hauts-Bassins region.

The Brooks: all the sweetness and intensity of a sun-drenched mango. Later variety and sweeter than its cousin Amélie, its taste is unanimous.

The mangoes are picked at full maturity and processed at the place of their harvest. Dehydrated according to an artisanal process, these mangoes thus preserve the essential elements of fruit rich in vitamins and fibres.

Each 50 g portion corresponds to approximately 600 g of fresh fruit, the equivalent of 2 mangoes.

Rich in vitamin C, B, potassium and magnesium.

Valeur Nutritive / Nutrition Facts

Pour 40 g de noix de cajou
Per 40 g of cashews


% valeur quotidienne
% Daily value

Calories / Calories 220

Lipides / Fat 17 g

26 %

Saturés / Saturated 3 b
+ trans / Trans

15 %

Glucides / Carbohydrate 12 g

4 %

Fibres / Fibre 1 g

Sucres / Sugars 2 g

Protéines / Protein 7 g

Cholestérol / Cholesterol 0 mg




2 %

Fer / Iron

20 %