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Dried mangoes Amélie


Organic and Fairtrade

Origin : Burkina Faso

Without sugar or additives.

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Among the dozens of varieties of mangoes grown worldwide, Amélie from Burkina Faso stands out for its inimitable flavours that express the know-how and unique character of the terroir from the Hauts-Bassins region.

Our dried mangoes present intoxicating aromas of flower essences. On the palate, the intensity of sun-kissed fruit. A concentration of subtly caramelized sugars balanced by finely tangy notes. The bittersweet flavour of a zest of citrus gives way to a vanilla explosion!

Rich in vitamin C, B, potassium and magnesium.

Valeur Nutritive / Nutrition Facts

Pour 50 g
Per 50 g


% valeur quotidienne
% Daily value

Calories / Calories 150

Lipides / Fat 0 g

0 %

Saturés / Saturated 0 g
+ trans / Trans 0 g

0 %

Glucides / Carbohydrate 39 g

39 %

Fibres / Fibre 1,5 g

Sucres / Sugars 33 g

Protéines / Protein 1 g

Cholestérol / Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 80 mg



Fer / Iron