Pre-financing campaign for our fair trade mangos and cashews

Published on 11 May 2022

Image of mangoes and cashews nuts fair trade

Commit to fair trade, pre-finance the purchase of Fairtrade mangos and cashews

Did you know that the Fairtrade food you consume has been paid for to producer groups long before it ends up on your plate? For most of you, this seems normal. You are right ! Yet, in a conventional food distribution chain, producers are often paid long after delivering the fruit of their labor. In fair trade, on the contrary, one of the main principles is pre-financing by the buyer to the cooperative. In countries, where access to financing is very limited, the fair trade buyer advances the cash needed to start production. Because how can you cultivate without being able to buy seedlings, plants, inputs and pay for labour? This principle of pre-financing is an important step forward in pulling thousands of families out of the spiral of debt and poverty. It is an advance that we owe to fair trade and has even inspired the principle of buying local baskets of vegetables from our market gardeners.

It is this same principle that we invite you to follow by purchasing your organic and Fairtrade mangos and cashews in advance via Umano Fair Trade.

The coopake is a model and innovative cooperative:

Located in Orodara, west of Burkina Faso

Created in 1963 by nine mango producers, it now has 273 members

An area of 800 hectares of orchards and agricultural land

No intensive cultivation but sesame plots scattered with shea trees, mango trees, cashew trees and hibiscus plants.

Certified organic for almost twenty years

Two processing units that offer jobs to a hundred women

Pioneer of the circular economy with the recovery of cashew nut shells as fuel

Why do a pre-financing campaign?

The reason why we are making this proposal to you is because Umano lost all of its inventory on March 23 during the explosion at CVA Estrie. Following this accident, we decided to carry out this initiative to appeal to consumers for pre-financing.

So we decided to roll up our sleeves and get you involved. Because our order from these producers is vital for hundreds of families. Because we are the only ones offering Fairtrade cashews in Canada. Because the scent of mangoes from Burkina is inimitable and we cannot live without it. Because part of Umano’s mission is to contribute to a healthy planet and agriculture on a human scale. Because through the messages we have received in the last few weeks, we know that this mission touches you and… Because we all want it to continue!

The benefits of our campaign!

  • We offer you today to show your commitment to fair trade by buying in advance your consumption of dried mangoes and cashew nuts.
  • You become a fair trade actor by participating in the pre-financing and by buying directly from the cooperative via Umano.
  • The mangos and cashews you order now will be delivered to you as soon as they are received in September.
  • You thus benefit from the freshest possible product for an import.
  • We offer you a very competitive price for a product of this quality. $75 for 2.5kg of mangos or cashews or $135 for 2.5kg of mangos + 2.5kg of cashews. Even adding shipping costs represents a savings of 15% to 25% compared to the retail price in-store.
  • Orders can be placed now until June 30.
  • We will keep you informed of the follow-up of your order, from the production stages to the arrival of the container in Quebec.

To learn more about our campaign, visit the FAQ – pre-order page.