About us


Umano is an importer and distributor of mostly certified fair trade and organic products. Our range of products combines health, pleasure and awareness. It includes coffees, teas, spices, chocolates, shea, nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

Our mission

To offer you tasty products grown with respect for the environment and negotiated in a fair relationship.

The founder of Umano, Christian Guiollot, has lived off fair trade for over twenty years. He maintains direct relations with cooperatives and exporters in various countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

Umano products are also the result of numerous collaborations with Quebec food processing or cosmetic companies that produce chocolates, nut butter, vinegar, soaps and more

Our zero-waste range is sold in grocery stores and eco-responsible buying groups.

From the ancient Silk Roads to the stalls of our urban markets, trade is at the heart of human relationships.

Our commitments

Provide consumers with quality products and transparent information
You will find dozens of carefully selected products at affordable prices on this site. But also information on the origin, articles on the producers, on our partners and our commitments.

Offer a fair price for producers and consumers
Our online store offers Umano products at the lowest price found at retailers and offers discounts on large sizes. We buy the products at fair prices for those who have grown and processed them.

Support producers and companies that have positive impacts on their community and ecological practices
Almost all of our products are certified fair trade and organic by a third party. However, we also encourage producers who respect these good practices without having the means to have them certified.

Implementing a virtuous economic circle
Our supply chain, or rather our social fabric, from the producer to you, is made up of women and men committed to healthy agriculture and to an economy that leaves a moderate ecological footprint and benefits individuals and their community.

Improving our practices to limit our footprint
Umano opts for a limitation of its growth. We are committed to a zero-waste distribution approach, we reuse and extend the life of the company’s usual objects. Our eco-responsible rating on lespagesvertes.ca is 83%.

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